(DEPRECATED) Mixin: SC.StaticLayout

Version 1.10

SC.StaticLayout is now built in to SC.View. You do not need to apply this mixin to use static layout. Just set useStaticLayout to YES.

Normally, SproutCore views use absolute positioning to display themselves on the screen. While this is both the fastest and most efficient way to display content in the web browser, sometimes your user interface might need to take advantage of the more advanced "flow" layout offered by the browser when you use static and relative positioning.

This mixin can be added to a view class to enable the use of any kind of static and relative browser positioning. In exchange for using static layout, you will lose a few features that are normally available on a view class such as the 'frame' and 'clippingFrame' properties as well as notifications when your view or parentView are resized.

Normally, if you are allowing the browser to manage the size and positioning of your view, these feature will not be useful to your code anyway.

Using StaticLayout

To enable static layout on your view, just include this mixin on the view. SproutCore's builtin views that are capable of being used in static layouts already incorporate this mixin. Then set the "useStaticLayout" property on your view class to YES.

You can then use CSS or the render() method on your view to setup the positioning on your view using any browser layout mechanism you want.


// JavaScript

MyApp.CommentView = SC.View.extend(SC.StaticLayout, {

  classNames: ['comment-view'],

  useStaticLayout: YES,


// CSS

.comment-view {
  display: block;
  position: relative;

Defined in: static_layout.js

SproutCore 1.0

Field Summary

Class Methods

Field Detail

SC.StaticLayout.hasStaticLayout Boolean

Walk like a duck. Used to determine that this mixin has been applied. Note that a view that hasStaticLayout still may not actually use static layout unless useStaticLayout is also set to YES.

Default value:

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