Class: SC.NavigationView

Extends SC.WorkspaceView.

NavigationView is very loosely based on UINavigationController: that is, it implements a push/pop based API.

NavigationView checks if the view is NavigationBuildable--that is, if it has

Views may specify a topToolbar or bottomToolbar property. These will become the top or bottom toolbars of the NavigationView (which is, incidentally, a WorkspaceView).

Of course, this process is animated...

Defined in: navigation.js

SproutCore 1.4

Field Summary

Instance Methods

Field Detail

navigationContentView SC.View
Default value:

Instance Method Detail

Pops the current view off the navigation view stack.
Pops to the specified view on the navigation view stack; the view you pass will become the current view.
toView SC.View
The view to display
Pushes a view into the navigation view stack. The view may have topToolbar and bottomToolbar properties.
view SC.View
The view to display
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