Class: SC.InlineTextFieldView

Extends SC.TextFieldView.

The inline text editor is used to display an editable area for controls that are not always editable such as label views and source list views.

You generally will not use the inline editor directly but instead will invoke beginEditing() and endEditing() on the views you are editing. If you would like to use the inline editor for your own views, you can do that also by using the editing API described here.

Using the Inline Editor in Your Own Views

To use the inlineEditor on a custom view you should mixin SC.InlineEditable on it. SC.InlineTextFieldView is the default editor so you do not need to do any other setup. The class methods beginEditing, commitEditing, and discardEditing still exist for backwards compatibility but should not be used on new views.

MyProject.MyView = SC.View.extend(SC.InlineEditable, {

Starting the Editor

The inline editor works by positioning itself over the top of your view with the same offset, width, and font information.

To start it simply call beginEditing on your view.


By default, if the inline editor is currently in use elsewhere, it will automatically close itself over there and begin editing for your view instead. This behavior is defined by the inlineEditorDelegate of your view, and can be changed by using one other than the default.

Customizing the editor

The editor has several parameters that can be used to customize it to your needs. These options should be set on the editor passed to your delegate's (or view's) inlineEditorWillBeginEditing method:

For backwards compatibility, calling the class method beginEditing with an options hash will translate the values in the hash to the correct settings on the editor.

Committing or Discarding Changes

Normally the editor will automatically commit or discard its changes whenever the user exits the edit mode by pressing enter, escape, or clicking elsewhere on the page. If you need to force the editor to end editing, you can do so by calling commitEditing() or discardEditing():


Both methods will try to end the editing context and will call the relevant delegate methods on the inlineEditorDelegate set on your view.

Note that it is possible an editor may not be able to commit editing changes because either the delegate disallowed it or because its validator failed. In this case commitEditing() will return NO. If you want to end editing anyway, you can discard the editing changes instead by calling discardEditing(). This method will generally succeed unless your delegate refuses it as well.

Defined in: inline_text_field.js

SproutCore 1.0

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Instance Methods

Field Detail


The default size of the inline text field is 0 x 0 so that when it is appended, but before it is positioned it doesn't fill the parent view entirely.

This is important, because if the parent view layer allows overflow, we could inadvertently alter the scrollTop or scrollLeft properties of the layer.

Instance Method Detail

beginEditing(original, label)

Invoked whenever the editor loses (or should lose) first responder status to commit or discard editing.

invoked when the user presses escape. Returns true to ignore keystroke
positionOverTargetView(target, exampleFrame, elem, _oldExampleFrame, _oldElem)
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