Class: SC.PalettePane

Extends SC.DraggablePaneSupport, SC.PanelPane.

Displays a non-modal, default positioned, drag&drop-able palette pane.

The simplest way to use the palette pane is to define it in an SC.Page like this:

myPalettePane: SC.PalettePane.create({
    layout: { width: 400, height: 200, right: 0, top: 0 },
    contentView: SC.View.extend({

Then get it from your page and append like this:


This will cause your palette pane to instantiate lazily and display.

Palette pane is a simple way to provide non-modal messaging that won't blocks the user's interaction with your application. Palette panes are useful for showing important detail information with flexible position. They provide a better user experience than modal panel.

Defined in: palette.js

SproutCore 1.0

Field Summary

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acceptsKeyPane, ariaDescribedBy, ariaLabel, ariaLabelledBy, ariaRole, contentView, isPanelPane, renderDelegateName
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currentWindowSize, firstResponder, isKeyPane, isMainPane, isPane, page, rootResponder, touchZ, wantsTouchIntercept, zIndex
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isAnchored, isDraggablePane

Field Detail

classNames Array
Default value:
isModal Boolean
Palettes are not modal by default
Default value:
modalPane SC.View
Default value:
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