Class: SC.ImageButtonView

Extends SC.ButtonView, SC.Control, SC.View.

Provides a button that displays an image instead of the standard button user interface.

It behaves the same as an SC.ButtonView, but has an image property that should be set to a unique class name.

For example:

  action: 'imageButtonWasClicked',

  image: 'my-image-button-icon'

You could then add some CSS rule for a normal state:

$theme.image-button .my-image-button-icon {

Defined in: image_button.js

SproutCore 1.5

Field Summary

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Field Detail

classNames Array
Default value:
displayProperties Array
Default value:
image String
A class name that will be applied to the img tag of the button.
Default value:
renderDelegateName String
Default value:
themeName String

Unlike SC.ButtonView, SC.ImageButtonView does not have a default theme that needs to be applied for backwards compatibility.

Default value:
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