Protocol: SC.ChildViewLayoutProtocol

The SC.ChildViewLayoutProtocol protocol defines the properties and methods that you may implement in your custom child view layout plugins. The only required method for a plugin to implement is layoutChildViews. Note: Do not mix SC.ChildViewLayoutProtocol into your classes. As a protocol, it exists only for reference sake. You only need define any of the properties or methods listed below in order to use this protocol.*

Defined in: child_view_layout_protocol.js

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SC.ChildViewLayoutProtocol.childLayoutProperties Array

An optional array of properties that should be observed on the child views in order to re-lay out the child views when changes occur. For example, most child view layout plugins will want to adjust the layout of the views whenever any view is hidden or becomes visible. Therefore, the parent view should re-run the child view layout whenever any child view's isVisible property changes and thus, childLayoutProperties should include at least the isVisible property name.

For another example, the included stack child layout plugins both have the same childLayoutProperties defined:

childLayoutProperties: ['marginBefore', 'marginAfter', 'isVisible']

Class Method Detail


This required method will be called by the view each time that it needs to re-lay out its child views. The plugin should then as efficiently as possible, calculate each child views' new layout and call adjust on the child views.

For code examples, see SC.View.VERTICAL_STACK and SC.View.HORIZONTAL_STACK in the core foundation framework.

view SC.View
The view that is using this plugin.

This optional method will be called when the view initializes itself. By returning true from this call, we would be indicating that whenever the view's size changes, it should re-lay out the child views.

For instance, if the layout of the child views depends on the parent view's size, we should return true. If the layout of the child views is independent of the parent view's size, we can return false to improve performance.

view SC.View
The view that is using this plugin.
`true` if the view's size should be observed in order to re-lay out the child views.
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