Class: SC.Math

Implements some enhancements to the built-in Number object that makes it easier to handle rounding and display of numbers.

Defined in: math.js

SproutCore 1.0

Instance Methods

Instance Method Detail

near(n1, n2, lambda)
Checks to see if the number is near the supplied parameter to a certain lambda.
n1 Number
First number in comparison.
n2 Number
Number to compare against the first.
lambda Number
The closeness sufficient for a positive result. Default 0.00001
round(n, decimalPlace)

Rounds a number to a given decimal place. If a negative decimalPlace parameter is provided, the number will be rounded outward (ie. providing -3 will round to the thousands).

Function is insufficient for high negative values of decimalPlace parameter. For example, (123456.789).round(-5) should evaluate to 100000 but instead evaluates to 99999.999...

n Number
The number to round
decimalPlace Integer
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