Namespace: SC.ExceptionHandler

If an exception is thrown during execution of your SproutCore app, this object will be given the opportunity to handle it.

By default, a simple error message is displayed prompting the user to reload. You could override the handleException method to, for example, send an XHR to your servers so you can collect information about crashes in your application.

Since the application is in an unknown state when an exception is thrown, we rely on JavaScript and DOM manipulation to generate the error instead of using SproutCore views.

Defined in: exception_handler.js

SproutCore 1.5

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SC.ExceptionHandler.isShowingErrorDialog Boolean
YES if an exception was thrown and the error dialog is visible.
Default value:

Class Method Detail


Called when an exception is encountered by code executed using

By default, this will display an error dialog to the user. If you want more sophisticated behavior, override this method.

exception Exception
the exception thrown during execution
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