Protocol: SC.DragDataSourceProtocol

The SC.DragDataSourceProtocol protocol defines the properties and methods that you may implement in your drag source objects in order to access additional functionality of SproutCore's drag support.

This protocol implements a dynamic data source for a drag operation. You should use it to return a set of allowed data types and then the method will be used to actually get data in that format when requested. Note: Do not mix SC.DragDataSourceProtocol into your classes. As a protocol, it exists only for reference sake. You only need define any of the properties or methods listed below in order to use this protocol.*

Defined in: drag_data_source_protocol.js

Field Summary

Class Methods

Field Detail

SC.DragDataSourceProtocol.dragDataTypes Array

Implement this property as an array of data types you want to support for drag operations.

Default value:

Class Method Detail

dragDataForType(drag, dataType)

Implement this method to return the data in the format passed. Return null if the requested data type cannot be generated.

drag SC.Drag
The Drag instance managing this drag.
dataType Object
The proposed dataType to return. This will always be one of the data types declared in dragDataTypes.
The data object for the specified type
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