Class: SC.Cursor

Extends SC.Object.


A Cursor object is used to synchronize the cursor used by multiple views at the same time. For example, thumb views within a split view acquire a cursor instance from the split view and set it as their cursor. The split view is able to update its cursor object to reflect the state of the split view. Because cursor objects are implemented internally with CSS, this is a very efficient way to update the same cursor for a group of view objects.

Note: This object creates an anonymous CSS class to represent the cursor. The anonymous CSS class is automatically added by SproutCore to views that have the cursor object set as "their" cursor. Thus, all objects attached to the same cursor object will have their cursors updated simultaneously with a single DOM call.

Defined in: cursor.js

Field Summary

Field Detail

className String the css class name updated by this cursor

This property is the connection between cursors and views. The default SC.View behavior is to add this className to a view's layer if it has its cursor property defined.

cursorStyle String the cursor value, can be 'url("path/to/cursor")'
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