Class: SC.LinkView

This view creates a link (i.e. HTML anchor) to a remote resource. You should use this view to create programmatic HTML links, such as links to a PDF or to an external site.

For example,


// A link to download the selected employee's resume.
link: SC.LinkView.extend({

  body: "Current Resume",

  // Compute the fileName on the fly.
  fileNameBinding: SC.Binding.oneWay('MyApp.employeeController.fullName')
    .transform(function (fullName) {
      // ex. "Resume - Tyler Keating.pdf"
      return "Resume - " + fullName + ".pdf";

  // Compute the href on the fly.
  hrefBinding: SC.Binding.oneWay('MyApp.employeeController.resumePath'),

  toolTip: "Link to current resume"


The example above generates something like the following,

<a href="/users/22/cur-resume.pdf" class="sc-view sc-link-view" download="Resume - Tyler Keating.pdf" title="Link to current resume">Current Resume</a>

Note that you can localize the body and the toolTip by setting the localize property to true.

Defined in: link_view.js

SproutCore 1.11
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