Class: SC.SplitDividerView

Extends SC.View.

A SplitDividerView sits between any two other views in a SplitView. The SplitDivider mixes in SC.SplitThumb to allow the user to drag it around. The dragging process will cause SC.SplitView to adjust other children as needed.

Defined in: split_divider.js

Field Summary

Field Detail

isSplitDivider Boolean

Walks like a duck. Used and maintained by SC.SplitView to keep track of which of its childViews are dividers.

layoutDirection String

The layout direction of the parent SplitView. May be SC.LAYOUT_VERTICAL or SC.LAYOUT_HORIZONTAL. This property is also added as a class on this view.

You generally will not set this property yourself; it is managed by the parent SplitView.

Default value:
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