Mixin: SC.ContentDisplay

The SC.ContentDisplay mixin makes it easy to automatically update your view display whenever relevant properties on a content object change. To use this mixin, include it in your view and then add the names of the properties on the content object you want to trigger a displayDidChange() method on your view. Your updateDisplay() method will then be called at the end of the run loop.


MyApp.MyViewClass = SC.View.extend(SC.ContentDisplay, {

  contentDisplayProperties: ['title', 'isEnabled', 'hasChildren'],


Defined in: content_display.js

SproutCore 1.0

Field Summary

Field Detail

SC.ContentDisplay.contentDisplayProperties Array

Add an array with the names of any property on the content object that should trigger an update of the display for your view. Changes to the content object will only invoke your display method once per runloop.

Default value:
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