Protocol: SC.ObservableProtocol

The SC.ObservableProtocol protocol defines the properties and methods that you may implement in your SC.Observable consumers (i.e. SC.Object) in order to access additional observer functionality. They will be used if defined but are not required for observing to work. Note: Do not mix SC.ObservableProtocol into your classes. As a protocol, it exists only for reference sake. You only need define any of the properties or methods listed below in order to use this protocol.*

Defined in: observable_protocol.js

Class Methods

Class Method Detail

propertyObserver(observer, target, key, value, revision)

Generic property observer called whenever a property on the receiver changes.

If you need to observe a large number of properties on your object, it is sometimes more efficient to implement this observer only and then to handle requests yourself. Although this observer will be triggered more often than an observer registered on a specific property, it also does not need to be registered which can make it faster to setup your object instance.

You will often implement this observer using a switch statement on the key parameter, taking appropriate action.

{null} no longer used; usually null
{Object} the target of the change. usually this
{String} the name of the property that changed
{Object} the new value of the property.
{Number} a revision you can use to quickly detect changes.
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