Class: SC.GridView

Extends SC.ListView.

A grid view renders a collection of items in a grid of rows and columns.

Dropping on an Item

When the grid view is configured to accept drags and drops onto its items, it will set the isDropTarget property on the target item accordingly. This allows you to modify the appearance of the drop target grid item accordingly (@see SC.ListItemView#isDropTarget).

Defined in: grid.js

Field Summary

Fields borrowed from SC.ListView:
acceptsFirstResponder, insertionPointView, layoutDirection, rowDelegate, rowHeightForContentIndex, showAlternatingRows
Fields borrowed from SC.CollectionView:
action, ACTION_DELAY, actOnSelect, allContentIndexes, calculatedHeight, calculatedWidth, canDeleteContent, canEditContent, canReorderContent, content, contentDelegate, contentExampleViewKey, contentGroupExampleViewKey, contentValueKey, delegate, displayProperties, dragContent, dragDataTypes, groupExampleView, isActive, isDropTarget, isEditable, isEnabled, isSelectable, length, nowShowing, proposedDropOperation, proposedInsertionIndex, renderDelegateName, reorderDataType, rightIconAction, rightIconTarget, selection, selectionDelegate, selectOnMouseDown, target, useFastPath, useToggleSelection
Fields borrowed from SC.View:
acceptsMultitouch, ariaHidden, ariaRole, attributeBindings, autoMixins, backgroundColor, childViewLayout, childViewLayoutOptions, childViews, childViewsNeedLayout, classNameBindings, concatenatedProperties, createdByParent, designMode, enabledState, firstKeyView, hasLayout, hasTouch, hasVisibility, isBuildingIn, isBuildingOut, isChildViewLayoutLive, isFixedHeight, isFixedPosition, isFixedSize, isFixedWidth, isKeyResponder, isTextSelectable, isView, isVisible, lastKeyView, layerLocationNeedsUpdate, layerNeedsUpdate, modeAdjust, nextKeyView, page, pane, parentView, previousKeyView, shouldInheritCursor, shouldInheritEnabled, tagName, themeName, toolTip, touchBoundary, transitionAdjust, transitionAdjustOptions, transitionHide, transitionHideOptions, transitionIn, transitionInOptions, transitionOut, transitionOutOptions, transitionShow, transitionShowOptions, useStaticLayout
Fields borrowed from SC.Responder:
hasFirstResponder, isFirstResponder, responderContext
Fields borrowed from SC.Object:
isDestroyed, isObject, nextProperty, object, property, toInvalidate
Fields borrowed from SC.Observable:

Instance Methods

Field Detail

classNames Array
Default value:
columnWidth Number

The minimum column width for grid items. Items will actually be laid out as needed to completely fill the space, but the minimum width of each item will be this value.

Default value:
exampleView SC.View

The default example item view will render text-based items.

You can override this as you wish.

Default value:
insertionOrientation String

Possible values:

Default value:
insertionPointClass SC.View

Default view class used to draw an insertion point, which uses CSS styling to show a horizontal line.

This view's position (top & left) will be automatically adjusted to the point of insertion.

layout Hash rowHeight Number

The common row height for grid items.

The value should be an integer expressed in pixels.

Default value:

Instance Method Detail

render(context, firstTime)
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