Class: SC.CheckboxView

Extends SC.ButtonView.

Represents a Checkbox Button.

The view is an SC.ButtonView put into toggle mode and with the 'theme' property set to "checkbox".


SC.ButtonView delegates its rendering to its theme. As the theme is set to "checkbox", the way the checkbox renders (including DOM) will actually be different than SC.ButtonView's.

Defined in: checkbox.js

SproutCore 1.0

Field Summary

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action, autoResizePadding, buttonBehavior, contentIconKey, contentTitleKey, displayProperties, escapeHTML, icon, isCancel, isDefault, keyEquivalent, localize, supportFocusRing, target, themeName, title, toggleOffValue, toggleOnValue, value
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controlSize, errorLabel, fieldKey, fieldLabel, isActive, isControl, isSelected

Instance Methods

Field Detail

ariaRole String
The WAI-ARIA role of checkbox.
classNames Array
Default value:
['sc-checkbox-view', 'sc-checkbox-control']
needsEllipsis Boolean
Ellipsis is disabled by default to allow multiline text
Default value:
renderDelegateName String
Default value:

Instance Method Detail

`YES` if `isEnabledInPane` is `YES`, `NO` otherwise
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