Class: SC.SourceListView

Extends SC.ListView.

Displays a source list like the source list in iTunes. SourceList views are very similar to ListView's but come preconfigured with the correct appearance and default behaviors of a source list.

Defined in: source_list.js

SproutCore 1.0

Field Summary

Fields borrowed from SC.ListView:
acceptsFirstResponder, insertionPointView, layoutDirection, rowDelegate, rowHeightForContentIndex, showAlternatingRows
Fields borrowed from SC.CollectionView:
action, ACTION_DELAY, allContentIndexes, calculatedHeight, calculatedWidth, canDeleteContent, canEditContent, canReorderContent, content, contentDelegate, contentExampleViewKey, contentGroupExampleViewKey, contentValueKey, delegate, displayProperties, dragContent, dragDataTypes, exampleView, groupExampleView, isActive, isDropTarget, isEditable, isEnabled, isSelectable, length, nowShowing, proposedDropOperation, proposedInsertionIndex, renderDelegateName, reorderDataType, rightIconAction, rightIconTarget, selection, selectionDelegate, target, useFastPath, useToggleSelection
Fields borrowed from SC.View:
acceptsMultitouch, ariaHidden, ariaRole, attributeBindings, autoMixins, backgroundColor, childViewLayout, childViewLayoutOptions, childViews, childViewsNeedLayout, classNameBindings, concatenatedProperties, createdByParent, designMode, enabledState, firstKeyView, hasLayout, hasTouch, hasVisibility, isBuildingIn, isBuildingOut, isChildViewLayoutLive, isFixedHeight, isFixedPosition, isFixedSize, isFixedWidth, isKeyResponder, isTextSelectable, isView, isVisible, lastKeyView, layerLocationNeedsUpdate, layerNeedsUpdate, modeAdjust, nextKeyView, page, pane, parentView, previousKeyView, shouldInheritCursor, shouldInheritEnabled, tagName, themeName, toolTip, touchBoundary, transitionAdjust, transitionAdjustOptions, transitionHide, transitionHideOptions, transitionIn, transitionInOptions, transitionOut, transitionOutOptions, transitionShow, transitionShowOptions, useStaticLayout
Fields borrowed from SC.Responder:
hasFirstResponder, isFirstResponder, responderContext
Fields borrowed from SC.Object:
isDestroyed, isObject, nextProperty, object, property, toInvalidate
Fields borrowed from SC.Observable:

Field Detail

actOnSelect Boolean

By default, SourceListView's trigger any action you set whenever the user clicks on an item. This gives the SourceList a "menu" like behavior.

Default value:
classNames Array
Default value:
rowHeight Number
Default row height for source list items is larger.
Default value:
selectOnMouseDown Boolean

By default source lists should not select on mouse down since you will often want to drag an item instead of selecting it.

Default value:
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