Class: SC.PopupButtonView

Extends SC.ButtonView.

SC.PopupButtonView displays a pop-up menu when clicked, from which the user can select an item.

To use, create the SC.PopupButtonView as you would a standard SC.ButtonView, then set the menu property to an instance of SC.MenuPane. For example:{
  layout: { width: 200, height: 18 },
  menuBinding: 'MyApp.menuController.menuPane'

You would then have your MyApp.menuController return an instance of the menu to display.

Defined in: popup_button.js

Field Summary

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Instance Methods

Field Detail

classNames Array
Default value:
The SC.MenuPane that should be displayed when the button is clicked.
Default value:
menuPreferMatrix Array
The prefer matrix (positioning information) to use to pop up the new menu.
Defined in: popup_button.js.
Default value:
[0, 0, 0]
The prefer matrix to use when displaying the menu.
renderDelegateName String
Default value:
shouldLoadInBackground Boolean

If YES and the menu is a class, this will cause a task that will instantiate the menu to be added to SC.backgroundTaskQueue.

Default value:

Instance Method Detail


Called to instantiate a menu. You can override this to set properties such as the menu's width or the currently selected item.

Defined in: popup_button.js.
menu SC.MenuPane
The MenuPane class to instantiate.
Hides the PopupButton's menu if it is currently showing.
Defined in: popup_button.js.

Instantiates the menu if it exists and is not already instantiated. If another menu is already instantiated, it will be destroyed.

Defined in: popup_button.js.

Shows the PopupButton's menu. You can call this to show it manually.

NOTE: The menu will not be shown until the end of the Run Loop.

Defined in: popup_button.js.
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